These are my favourite kid’s books about numbers and counting!

I love these kid’s books about counting and numbers, because they help students focus on learning, and they are FUN!

Because of the great demands upon teaching time, I advise you to integrate subjects whenever you can: the easiest way to do this with books and literature.  Reading and sharing books, offers extra experiences and encourages students to make connections with their memories and prior knowledge.

Because I’m making Math resources for counting numbers 1-10, at the moment, my mind strays to books that kids would love and would awaken greater interest and engagement.

I’d love to share my list with you!

You’ll notice, I’ve included some Safeshare links for some. These are readings on Youtube. I don’t think this replaces the book by any means, but after you’ve read, shared and discussed, these give a great opportunity for children to independently  revisit and re-read in circle time.

 by April Pulley Sayre  Counting feet, so keeps adding one on the odd pages: great introduction for one more!




by Graeme Base  Integrates with environment and conservation. Alliterative text too.



 by Eric Carle



by Donald Crews  Lots of craft and design opportunities here too.



by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague

Alliteration and rhyming: fun




by David Kirk

Also opens discussion of spider’s diet, and why others are wary.



 by Kim Norman

Also talk about winter and snow experiences and sports.



by Paul Stickland

Simple counting back from ten.



by Judy Sierra and Will Hillenbrand



by Celeste Davidson Mannis

A girl counts her way through a Japanese garden, so discussions of Japan, other countries, compare our gardens with Japanese. This also introduces Haiku, so good for older students writing poems.


by Eric Carle



You can also make these Safeshare links into QR codes. Print and laminate. Store them so children have access and can revisit, maybe as an activity, early finishers opportunity or simply for fun on a rainy day.

Here is a code for “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” feel free to print and use to start your collection.





I hope this has helped, and I might add more to this list next time. It is very difficult for me to choose my favourite books! I had to omit some great ones!

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