Christmas Classrooms

Counting down the days until the Christmas holidays is now rife in Australian classrooms, with both teachers and students eagerly awaiting the holidays!

Teachers’ workloads increase along with the temperatures, and students’ thoughts drift to Santa, gifts and vacations. Everyone excited and exhausted!

Life is easier, if the kids are busy with worthwhile tasks. With a little creative planning, I think it is easy to use students’ interest in the holidays to engage and inspire learning into your Christmas classroom.

Suggestions for classroom Christmas activities?

I’ve done lots of research and there’s no need to create everything yourself, especially at this time of year.  TPT has hundreds of ideas! Here are just some examples from my store and from friends.





for both students and teachers! I love these awards that students can award to their peers! To be recognised by other students is great for self-esteem and confidence.

Memory Books and Souvenirs of the year.

Make the students THINK!


Look for FUN Art and Craft Activities and Projects on these Pinterests Boards

So, this is simply my list of suggestions and links to make classroom learning easy and interesting.

Do you have any suggestions?

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