Another new school year, Back-to-School already?

Are you like me and wondering where the holidays went? Six weeks almost gone, and teachers in Australia and New Zealand are thinking about preparing to go back-to-school for a new school year.

I always find this time of year stressful, exciting and extremely busy, as I try to eek the last few sleep-ins and resist buying lots of new stationary.


I have joined a group of talented TPT sellers, who are currently having a SALE to make the transition for holiday to classroom a little easier. So check out the website to download freebies, see which stores are on sale and have a chance to win one of four $50 TPT gift cards.

Back to School BONANZA

New Resources

I also wanted to show off my new products. I’m excited to be creating again and starting the new year with some new freebies, some interesting QR Code products and early Maths Activities for Centres.

Try out this QR Reading Freebie, to see if it works for your listening centres.
Lots of books suitable for BTS reading, sharing and discussing.
Enjoy The Gruffalo books and then dig deeper with thought-provoking tasks.
Kinder Maths Centre Activities. What number is BEFORE and AFTER?
Activities to help students understand Ordinal Numbers. Another Kinder product

I was recently approached by a teacher in NSW who was frustrated that she couldn’t use QR Codes on her school’s ipads. Whether the problem was an organiser who didn’t want to install the QR readers or something else, I’m not sure.

I’m wondering if this situation is wide-spread? If so, can we do anything about it? Especially as everyone heads back-to-school. There are so many wonderful resources, free and paid, that utilise this technology.

I felt very disappointed for her, because I see so many benefits in the codes, however, I couldn’t suggest much to help.

Please share your thoughts and opinions, maybe I’m alone in loving these codes?

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