I’m Maree, and I’ve been a teacher for as long as I can remember! I have memories of playing “schools” with my little sister and the neighbourhood kids; I was often the teacher, as I recall!

My experience:

  • I’ve taught in a wide variety of districts in NSW
  • many different classes and age groups
  • composite classes
  • gifted and talented classes
  • private schools, Catholic schools, as well as State

My special interests and talents are:

  • teaching writing, reading and language
  • I don’t like Math! BUT I teach it well, because I know how difficult it can be!
  • I love integrating subject areas, so tasks are meaningful and the learning relates
  • craft and inventions

The best thing about teaching, is the students: their personalities, their ideas and their ability to make me laugh!

My life? I love;

  • my family

    My local beach; beautiful, eh?
  • travelling to exotic places
  • the ocean; it can repair my soul faster than anything else in the world
  • Food, glorious food!
  • I love to cook, but I’m fairly creative with the recipes, so can’t usually guarantee I can repeat any success!
  • Books and reading; but I’m not to be trusted if the book is good, I become addicted and NOTHING else gets done
  • Chocolate
  • Movies
  • My new laptop
  • Christmas in summer, with spreads of beautiful seafood and salads
  • American spelling, because I have to type less letters! color favorite traveling


Now, I’ve retired from the classroom, but I still tutor and create teaching resources and games to help kids have FUN as they learn.

Can I blog? I don’t know! I keep wondering what special knowledge do I have, that will make me useful to you, a busy teacher?

BUT, I love exploring the world of education, and trying new ideas and resources, so I’ll simply share my discoveries, and if you find anything useful, please let me know; that will show me that I’m not writing in a vacuum.